About Me

A hobby drone photographer from western part of Norway

Memorable Places

The Norwegian nature has a lot to offer. Therefore, I mainly take photos and videos of the Norwegian nature.


I use mainly the brand new DJI AIR 2S for my work. Read more about it here. (External link to DJI)


Whenever I fly the drone, I always take a lot of photos and videos. The best ones will be uploaded to the website.


I write some reviews of photo products, software and web systems. This for making a small amount of money for sponsoring my equipment.

Who am I?

I am a hobby drone photographer living in the western part of Norway. I got interested in drone photography in late 2017 when the DJI Mavic PRO was released. Since then, I have more than 24 hours on the flight log.

When I started back in 2017, my experience level was at the bottom. I did not manage to get any good photos or videos. But after hours in the air, I started experience what I had to do for making better videos. My most popular video is a result of hours of training. You can find the video at this link: Link to the product page of Fossdal.

In 2020 I started filming people riding a bike as a new project, moving objects. It went well, and I got some beautiful shots. The new project started a new era about my drone work.

2021 started with a boat trip around in the Atlantic Ocean with the Norwegian Sail Ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl. I did take the drone onboard for some filming and photoshots, unfortunately the drone was damaged within the first week. As it was eight weeks left, I did not manage to get some better shots than the first to flights in the start.

Back in Norway, I looked for repairing the drone, but it was expensive, so I decided buying a new one. Then the brand new DJI AIR 2S was released, and I bought it the same day.

The purchase of the DJI AIR 2S started again a new era for my drone career. It is a lot better than the DJI Mavic PRO, so I will boost my drone flying program for making more content.


My Mission & Vision

Drone Photographs

I will publish a lot of my drone photographies at this website, and comment on how the shots were taken.

Accessible for everyone

I want to make the Norwegian nature accessible for everyone. Therefore I publish my work open for others. I DO HAVE copyrights at my photos and videos, but if you buy some content from my store, the copyrights marks are removed.

Drone Videos

I will publish a lot of my drone videos at this website, and comment on how the shots were taken.


As a hobby photographer I am dependent on external income for sponsoring my work and equipment. Therefore I may write some reviews of photo products, software and web systems on the website. I may also link to external sites where I earn commission.

My Partners

As a hobby photographer I need partners supporting my work and equipment

For the moment I do not have any partners. If you want to support me, please take contact at me@haakonbirkeli.com

Go check out my store

I would be pleased if you got into the store and bought some of my content.