Hello, my name is Haakon Birkeli and I am a hobby drone photographer from Norway. I am living Bergen, a beautiful city located in the western part of Norway. Being located here, I have access to both spectacular mountains, Norwegian nature and the beautiful fjords of Norway. A perfect place for a person loving drone photography. This post is an introduction about myself and my hobby – drone photography.

Little about myself

I am 21 years old, born in 1999. The whole of my life, I have been fascinated about the Norwegian landscape. In my younger days, I was a scout in my local scout club. At a age of 9, I started in the scout, and never leaved the scout club before other duties called when I finished high school 18 years old. Almost 10 years as a scout I have been sleeping outdoors in tent or just under the sky for approximately 2 month in total. This have made me captivated of the nature.

Until I finished high school, I had lots of time to explore the nature and take photos and videos. When I finished the high school, I went into the Norwegian navy for two years, and did not have any time to do my hobbies. Badly for my hobbies, but at same time giving me a lot of experience. Today I am studying to be a navigator at the sea. My interests for the fjords and boat life is as high as the interests for the Norwegian nature.

Drone photograpy

My life as a drone photographer started in 2017. Back in 2016 DJI released their first foldable drone, DJI Mavic PRO, and in 2017 I bought it. As a fresh drone photographer I did not manage to make any professional looking videos. Neither I did not know about proper compositions of frames, such as 1/3 and more basics. After a lot of testing and failing, I became more experienced and started filming better videos. My first breakthrough was in autumn 2018 filming and composing my first professional drone video. After that video I managed to take both better photos and videos.

In the beginning of 2019 I found the web platform Pexels.com, and decided to place some of my work out at the website. At this time I did not think about myself as a professional photographer, but my work was liked by the users of Pexels.com and I got some thousands views in a few weeks.

During the summer holiday in 2019 I filmed more professional videos and especially one video is my beloved one. The video is a composition of multiple days advanced filming. When I published that video my views at Pexels.com rose into the sky. With more than 2.8 million views, this is my most viewed video, and has helped me becoming more popular as a photographer. In fact, the video is the most viewed video at Pexels.com if you search for "Norway". The video has also been used in multiple Norwegian television programs.


Today I have more than 4.2 millions views on the website Pexels.com, and rising with around 10-20 000 views every day. Therefore I decided to make this website, so I become more like an "official" photographer. My time consumption flying drone and creating photos and videos has increased. Because of this, I will have to earn some money for my work. An action I have done is creating the online shop where you can buy some of my high quality photos and videos.

I do need some partners as well, sponsoring some of my equipment. Read more about it here.

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