This is a brand new website designed by myself. I redesigned my website from the old design because I wanted to add more functionality into it. The old website was designed by raw coding, and did not meet my upcoming requirements. Therefore, this website is designed with WordPress. The website now contain a lot of nice features such as blog posting, easy sharing of photos and videos, a shop, and a lot more "nice-to-have" functions.

Plan ahead

My plan in the upcoming time is to publish more of my work, and make it available the shop. In the last few months my work has increased enormous in views. Normally I had around 200 000 views in a month, but nowadays I have more closely to 400 000 views per month. Therefore I have decided to publish more of my work, and increase how much time I spend with drones and photography too.

The next months I have planned to train and become more experienced with more professional looking compositions.

In my summer holiday in July I have a lot of plans hiking in the Norwegian nature with my drone and make some beautiful shots.


Because of my plans of becoming a more professional drone photographer, I have spent a lot of money on the equipment. Therefore I am looking for some partners who can sponsor some of my costs.

My work in total has more than 4.2 millions views, and I am one of the most featured drone photographers in Norway at the platform Pexels.com.

Some possibilities may be making advertising videos for companies targeting the nature, hiking and trekking.

Other possibilities may be writing reviews of products at this website.

I am open for suggestions if you take contact and want to become a partner. You will also be featured as one of my partners at the About Me page.

Take contact at my e-mail adress: me@haakonbirkeli.com if you are interested helping me grow my work.

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