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This photo was taken in the late of April 2021 with the brand new DJI AIR 2S. It is one of my best photo shots during my whole career as a hobby drone photograper.

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A valley south of Bergen


A snow capped mountain


Memorable Places

The Norwegian nature has a lot to offer. Therefore, I mainly take photos and videos of the Norwegian nature.


I mainly use the brand new DJI AIR 2S for my work. Read more about it here. (External link to DJI)

Most recent video

This video was taken in the late April 2021 at a sunny day. The show was taken when I flew my brand new DJI AIR 2S for the first time. The DJI AIR 2S represent a new era for my career as a drone photographer. This because my previous drone was the old DJI Mavic PRO.

The video was a test shot, but I had to publish it out here because of the professional quality.



The best of photos and videos

A valley south of Bergen

This photo is a 360 image of a valley located south of Bergen. It was taken in the late of April 2021 with the brand new DJI AIR 2S drone, during my first shots with it.

A snow capped mountain

A mountain in a valley


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Hello, my name is Haakon Birkeli and I am a hobby drone photographer from Norway. I am living Bergen, a beautiful city located in the western part of Norway.
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My website it still under development. It is functional as it is now, but something still remain before 100% functionality.