I am a Web Developer &
Hobby Photographer.

At this website you find some stunning drone photos and videos, also uploaded at my account at Pexels.com

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What am I doing?

I am a web developer and a hobby photographer, living in the western part of Norway.

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Developing websites is fun. Check out the business at BirkeliBrothers.com

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I loving using my DJI Mavic PRO drone, and taking both pictures and videos.

This is my most
viewed video at Pexels.com

The video was shot in Sauda, Rogaland, Norway, during the summer 2019. At this moment the video has around 2 millions views.

Some beautiful mountains, a small cabin in the sunset, and much more of the Norwegian nature.

One of my most viewed images at pexels.com

One of my
most viewed pictures atPexels.com.

A beautiful mountain covered in snow during the easter-holiday 2019. The weather was perfect, and the snow had disapeared at the ground.

Norwegian nature at the best!

Some of my best work

This is some of my best photoshots.

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